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Portal Development

Web portal design is not only about pioneering knowledge and distributing it into section but how to use them effectively by connecting them to enhance user feature.

What is Portal?

"Portal" has in the recent two years become an increasingly popular term being mentioned and discussed in the IT sector and many organizations. In short, it is a web system that provides the functions and features to authenticate and identify the users and provide them with an easy, intuitive, personalized and user-customizable web-interface for facilitating access to information and services that are of primary relevance and interests to the users. To the organization that sets up the portal, it is a system that provides versatile functions for the organization to catalogue or organize collections of different and multiple sources of information and service resources for dissemination to many users according to their specific privileges, needs and interest. Hence, the main purpose of setting up a portal is to bring the vast information and service resources available from many sources to many users in an effective manner.

"Many to many in an effective manner" should be the essence of a portal system. As a matter of fact, long before the concept of portal was explored by IT people in trying to reap the potential values and benefits that could be provided by using Web technologies, the term "Portal system" has been consistently used in the field of medical and anatomy studies to represent the important system

When will the Portal be needed?

Portal means that the information and services are grouped based on the division of the service-providing departments, and the users must have some idea about what kind of information or services could be provided by which department in order to gain access to the required information or service without much difficulty. Very often, it is not the case because a user may know quite little about the departments or there could be too many departments and too many kinds of services of which only a small subset would be of relevance or interests to the user. Under such circumstances, a user would face the problem of information overload and find it quite difficult to locate the needed information or service from the many service offerings.

As we acknowledge internet has opened up tremendous opportunities, endless possibilities, and drastically changed our outlook on conducting online business. It lies beyond any boundaries, unites people worldwide and considerably increases chances of boosting business by online advertising solutions.

Desirable features of a Portal

  • Allowing different information- and service-providing departments to set up and update their own information and services tailored specifically for different user groups according to the common user profiles (such as grades, departments associated, etc.) and the specific needs of these user groups at specific times.
  • Presenting automatically the information and services that a user would need according to his profile at the appropriate time.
  • Allowing a user to select the information and services that are his interests and to customize their presentation.
  • Setting up information and services from users' perspective rather than from the angle of convenience of the services providers.
  • Supporting the "Single-sign-on" feature so that a single sign-on step would enable the user to gain access to the different information resource and services that are supported by different application systems provided by different departments. Technically, this feature can be facilitated by means of implementing a common organization-wide LDAP (Light-weight Directory Access Protocol) service and CAS (Central Authentication Service).

Platform Considerations

Portal development is a way to integrate the different web-based applications for supporting deliveries of information and services to form a convenient, effective and unified system through which different users can have easy and intuitive access to their needed information and services. Since these web applications for supporting the information and service deliveries could be set up by different departments in an organization, e.g. production, marketing, public relation, research, finance, human resources, etc., the choice of a system platform for portal development would depend on the platform(s) employed for hosting the information and service applications.

We Build Protals Of:

  • Real Estate Portal
  • Rental Portal
  • E-Commerce Portals
  • Construction Materials Portal
  • Constructon portal
  • Import Export Portal
  • Educational Portal
  • Job portal Development